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New studio album

Gene Loves Jezebel are planning to record a new album for 2017, their first studio album for eighteen years. A Pledgemusic page has been set up in order to fund the project. Please go to the page where you will get the chance to buy the album together with some very exclusive items. Click the link below, support the band and look forward to new music next year. Be sure to view the Pledgemusic page regularly for further additions and updates.

13 December 2016


GLJ to play Portugal

Gene Loves Jezebel will be once again playing in Portugal this summer. They play on 8th July at Agueda, as part of the festival. Joel Patterson will be on drums. More festival information and location details are available at the agitagueda website.

31 May 2016

New track from Pete Rizzo

Pete Rizzo has a new song, Stonewall.

23 May 2016

No Carnival by RIZZO

This month has seen the release of a new track on YouTube by Pete Rizzo.

18 January 2016

James Stevenson live debut

James Stevenson has lined up his first solo show. It will take place at London's newly reopened Water Rats venue in Kings Cross on Thursday 17th December.

20 November 2015

New track from RIZZO

This month has seen a further new song from Peter Rizzo, iKTML.

20 November 2015

Further new song from Pete Rizzo

Peter Rizzo has released a further track. This one is called Those Days.

7 October 2015

Peter Rizzo releases debut solo track

Peter Rizzo has just released his first solo song, Don't Stay, which he intends to follow up with an EP.

21 September 2015

Jay Aston on acoustic dates

Jay starts a small series of acoustic dates this evening with a show at The Prince Albert in Brighton, in support to Kirk Brandon. The rest are London based so if you are in the capital this weekend and/or 19th, be sure to try and catch his unique performance.

11 September 2015

Jay Aston to play London gig

Jay will be playing a show in London on Saturday 12th September. It is as support to Kirk Brandon on one date of his aKoustiK tour. Details are on Kirk Brandon's website.

4 August 2015

International Swingers on tour

With a new album soon on the way, James Stevenson and his band, The International Swingers, are currently on tour in the US, finishing in Los Angeles on the 8th. Find out more at The International Swingers website. You can order the new album from their Pledge music page.

4 August 2015

Jay and James to perform at Phoenix Festival

Jay and James will be performing an acoustic show at Cirencester's Phoenix Festival on Sunday 30th August.

24 July 2015

James Stevenson on the road

James will be on tour around the UK during the coming months — later this month with Chelsea followed by dates with Holy Holy in June. Please see the respective websites for further details.

11 April 2015

Jay Aston on Jean-Marc Lederman album

Jay has contributed to an album by the Jean-Marc Lederman Experience with the song So Long. The album is The Last Broadcast On Earth and features a number of artists, also including Julianne Regan. The album is available now and you can find out more at the Jean-Marc Lederman website.

31 March 2015

James Stevenson releases Suzi's Problem

James Stevenson has released his next single, Suzi's Problem, the opener to his debut solo album Everything's Getting Closer To Being Over. Check out the video, which also features Jay Aston, Chris Bell, Simone Butler (of primal Scream), Glen Matlock, Mark Taylor (of The Alarm) and Woody Woodmansey.

25 February 2015

Jay and James on world's longest officially released song

Mike Peters of The Alarm has, with the help of many musicians and people donating lyrics, put together a song called The Scriptures for the cancer charity Love Hope Strength Foundation. The track is the longest ever officially released, at 103.4 minutes, and Jay Aston and James Stevenson have both contributed to this epic song. Find out more about The Scriptures and how to order the digital download and double-CD at Love Hope Strength.

21 December 2014

Jay to sing with Holy Holy later this month

Jay Aston will be singing with Bowie drummer Woody Woodmansey's Holy Holy from the 20th to the 23rd. The band, which already features James Stevenson, will perform songs from Bowie's Hunky Dory, Ziggy Stardust and Aladdin Sane albums. You will find more details and ticket links at the Holy Holy Facebook page.

3 December 2014

Ugly Buggs release new song on YouTube

Ugly Buggs have released a new song through YouTube. The track is called Dance Underwater but is not yet available for download.

13 November 2014

James Stevenson also to play at Combat Radio Christmas Concert

James Stevenson, as part of The International Swingers with Gary Twinn, Clem Burke and Glen Matlock, will be playing on the bill at the Combat Radio Christmas Concert this month, together with Jay Aston as already reported.

12 November 2014

Jay Aston to play at charity concert

Jay Aston will be performing at Westfield Town Center, Valencia, California, on the 22nd of this month. He is part of a charity concert organised by Combat Radio. Click on the image (left) for a larger version, and for further details visit the Combat Radio website.

6 November 2014

The International Swingers to record an album

The International Swingers, featuring James Stevenson alongside Clem burke, Glen Matlock and Gary Twinn, will be recording an album of new material in November and are financing this with a PledgeMusic campaign that offers a range of special items together with the forthcoming CD. Find out more about the band and their new album on the International Swingers website and details of the campaign on their PledgeMusic page.

9 October 2014

Jay Aston to play acoustic set at Cirencester Phoenix Festival

Jay Aston will be appearing at Cirencester's Phoenix Festival this weekend. He will take to the stage at 2.30pm on Sunday 31st for an expected 40-minute acoustic set. The Phoenix Festival is a free event and features a main stage and acoustic stage along with various stalls and other entertainments.

29 August 2014

GLJ play Madeira this Friday

Gene Loves Jezebel will play one of their infrequent shows this Friday, 1st August, at the Semana do Mar festival on the Portuguese island of Madeira. With James Stevenson committed to the current US Cult tour and timely connecting flights impossible, Francois Perez will be standing in and joining Jay, Pete and Chris Bell for what is destined to be a long set.

29 July 2014

New interview from James Stevenson

James has given an interview with Glide Magazine in which he talks about his new solo album, The Cult and of course, Gene Loves Jezebel.

29 July 2014

Ugly Buggs release Summertime

Ugly Buggs have been working on new material, and here is the video for new song, Summertime. You can buy the single at iTunes.

9 June 2014

James Stevenson radio interview

James has recently given a fascinating and insightful interview, in which he talks about his long and interesting career in music, featuring examples from the many varied recordings he has been involved in over the years. You can listen to the interview at Ola's Kool Kitchen.

3 June 2014

James Stevenson's video for Go Mister!

James has released a video for Go Mister!, a track on his recently released solo album.

28 May 2014

James Stevenson's album is now available on iTunes

You can now find James's new album, Everything's Getting Closer To Being Over, on iTunes. If you would like the actual CD, it is still available through James's website or right here, of course. To whet your appetite, here's a clip of Twilight Riders, a song James originally wrote for Gene Loves Jezebel:

24 April 2014

James talks about his album

If you'd like to know more about James Stevenson's new and very accomplished solo album, he has given an interview with In The Poppy Fields where he reveals the inspiration for each track. You can order the album from the link on this page, or through James's own website,

24 March 2014

James Stevenson solo album out now

James Stevenson's long-awaited solo album, Everything's Getting Closer To Being Over, is released today. The ten tracks are: Suzi's Problem, Go Mister, Twilight Riders, Come On People, Give It Up, Why Am I Still Waiting For You?, Been A Long Time Now, Naturally Wired, Everything's Getting Closer To Being Over, and I'll Know Where I'm Going When I Get There. You can order it via the link on the right of this page or through James's website, priced at £12 in the UK, £13 in the rest of Europe and £14 in the rest of the world. Check out his Facebook page for this and other James Stevenson news.

10 March 2014

James Stevenson on tour with Chelsea

James will be on tour with Chelsea throughout March. This includes an appearance at The Great British Alternative Music Festival at Minehead, on 30 March, along with Gene Loves Jezebel. More details at the Chelsea website.

24 February 2014

Ugly Buggs release new material

Ugly Buggs have released a new video for The Man That Time Forgot, a track from their forthcoming EP.

2 January 2014

James Stevenson album review

James Stevenson's debut solo album, Everythings Getting Closer To Being Over, will be out next year, and there's already a review of it, courtesy of RingMaster. Read it here.

11 December 2013

Another James Stevenson interview

James has given another interview, this time with the In The Poppy Fields blog team. In it, he not only talks about the recent projects keeping him busy, including The International Swingers, Holy Holy and The Cult, but the hopes for a brand new Gene Loves Jezebel album. His solo album now has a release date, 10 March 2014, with a limited pre-release at The Alarm's Gathering event at the end of January. Read the full interview here.

5 December 2013

James Stevenson interview online

James Stevenson's recent interview for Guitar Player magazine is now online at

21 November 2013

5-CD boxed set released next Monday – 25th November

The new 5-CD boxed set is due for official release on Monday 25th by Beggars Banquet. Comprising the bands first five albums together with a selection of non-album tracks of singles, B-sides, alternate versions and demos, it includes some songs that have never before had a CD release, or haven't been previously released at all. The unreleased songs are demos and in many instances the band have favoured their demo versions to the comparatively over-produced releases, particularly Jealous which appears in the set. Girls In Cars (you may have recognised the lyric) is a demo of Gorgeous, and Rivers Edge is a song Michael later released on his Edith Grove album. Life Without Love is an early version of the song that was recorded later during Heavenly Bodies and then only released on that albums late-90s re-release. The set is an absolute bargain and you can order it from AmazonUK.

19 November 2013

Gene Loves Jezebel to play at alternative festival

Gene loves Jezebel are part of the roster of bands playing at The Great British Alternative Music Festival which will be taking place at Butlins, Minehead in the UK from Friday 28th to Monday 31st March 2014. Headlining bands include Bad Manners, Dr Feelgood, Toyah, Eddie and the Hot Rods and The Damned. Click here for further details.

18 November 2013

New interview with James Stevenson

Smells Like Infinite Sadness have interviewed James Stevenson. It will get you up to date with what James has done and what he is currently working on. Read it here.

27 October 2013

A House Of Dolls album article

With the remastered five album boxed set a little over a month away, here to whet your appetite is the Smells Like Infinite Sadness take on what they maintain is "one of the most addictive albums of the 80s", The House Of Dolls. Read the article here.

17 October 2013

James Stevenson article in Guitar Player magazine

Further PR for James with a feature in the October issue of Guitar Player magazine in the USA. Click on the image, to read a larger version.

2 October 2013

James Stevenson – recognised for being unrecognised

As we know, James Stevenson is very highly rated by the plethora of musicians who have collaborated with him over the years, but finally, after so long and after so many bands, he has been acknowledged with an appearance in a list of The Top 40 Most Underrated Guitarists In Rock, the neglected greats who never get a mention on the usual 'greatest' lists. You'll find him at number 31 here.

28 September 2013

Further news on the 5CD boxed set

With an anticipated November release date, the 5CD boxed set has track-listings as follows:
Promise: Upstairs, Bruises, Pop Tarantula, Screaming For Emmalene, Scheming, Bread From Heaven, Influenza, Shower Me With Brittle Punches, Wraps And Arms, Psychological Problems.
Bonus tracks: Bruises (Extended Single Version), Punch Drunk, Stephen (Original Version), Brando (Bruises) (Edit Version), Screaming For Emmalene (Single Version), So Young (Heave Hard Heave Ho), No Voodoo Dollies, Machismo, Glad To Be Alive.
Immigrant: Always A Flame, Shame, Stephen, The Immigrant, Cow, Worth Waiting For, The Rhino Plasty, Deep South Whale, Coal Porter.
Bonus tracks: Flame (Extended Version), One Someone, You Weaken Her (Cow), Shame (Whole Heart Howl), Thin Things, Gorgeous (Original Version), Desire (Extended Version).
Discover: Heartache, Over The Rooftops, Kick, A White Horse, Wait And See, Desire, Beyond Doubt, Sweetest Thing, Maid Of Sker, Brand New Moon.
Bonus tracks: Desire (Come And Get It), Sapphire Scavenger, New Horizons, Message (Original Version), Deli Babies, Psycho 2, Heartache (UK Club Mix), Vagabond, Suspicion (Original Version), Sweetest Thing (Extended Mix).
The House Of Dolls: Gorgeous, The Motion Of Love, Set Me Free, Suspicion, Every Door, Twenty Killer Hurtz, Treasure, Message, Drowning Crazy, Up There.
Bonus tracks: The Motion Of Love (Jezebel Mix), A Fresh Slice, Bugg’s Bruises, Vagabond (A New Adventure), Girls In Cars, Someone On The Sixth Floor, Rivers Edge, Suspicion (Jezebel Mix).
Kiss Of Life: Jealous, It’ll End In Tears, Kiss Of Life, Why Can’t I, Syzygy, Walk Away, Tangled Up In You, Two Shadows, Evening Star, I Die For You.
Bonus tracks: Jealous (UK remix), Last Year, While You Were Away, Life Without Love, It’ll End In Tears (Demo), Two Shadows (Demo), Last Year (Demo), Jealous (Demo).

28 August 2013

ADDENDUM: The date for release is 25th November.

23 September 2013


Twist The Knife

Gene Loves Jezebel perform the Ugly Buggs song Twist The Knife in Águeda, Portugal in 2013.